15 tools that will help every beginner sewist

I'm one of the people that will never fully piece their sewing kit together. Different tools will help you with easier or more difficult actions. Some people have no patience or are annoyed with a lot of ripping when they start sewing. However, with right tools. Today I want to show you my 15 essential sewing tools that every beginner needs.

Fabric scissors - the most important thing for every sewist. I don't even remember how many scenes I've made because someone used my scissors without permission to cut fabric or paper (!). Don't scrimp on them, they must be solid. Many people recommend the ones from Fiskars. They're good, but as a person with small hands I usually ended up with sore hand. I use scissors from a sewing kit I've got from my mum.

Paper scissors - I know people that use one pair to cut both fabric and paper. It's a big mistake since while cutting the paper you dull the scissors. It's better to have a second pair.

Sharp pins - not the ones used in office. They usually have glass heads. Available in various length.

Tape measure - crucial to get the measure. I personally use the retractable one. You need to remember that they may stretch a little, so you should replace them regulary. While sewing even 1mm makes the difference.

Hand gauge - perfect for measuring and pressing seams

Tailors chalk / chalk marker / disappearing ink pen - each has the same purpose. Just choose which medium and colour will be better for you.

Basting thread - it should be white or light grey/ pink. Intense colour thread might dye the fabric. You should also pick the cotton one.

Hand needles - essential for basting, decorative stitching or sewing buttons. Usually sold in a small package with various sizes.

Snips - it's easier to cut thread with them then with scissors. Just be careful, I almost hurt my eye because of them.

Thimble - I usually don't use it, but it helps a lot with thicker fabric. Remember to choose a right size.

Seam ripper - seam ripping takes more time than actual sewing. It's much easier with seam ripper. but you need to be careful as well. My teacher used to tell my class a story about a girl that destroyed whole, almost finished skirt with it.

Tweezers - tool with multiple assets. I'll write more about it soon. I mainly use it to thread a needle or rip a seam.

Seam guide - you may find it in your sewing machine equipment. I have to attach mine over the foot. You can also get a magnetic one that you need to place on a stitch plate. Both should help you keep your seam even.

Sewing machine feet - you can also find some of them in your sewing machine equipment. The ones that might be useful at the beginning are zipper and buttonhole feet.

Pattern weights - they make tracing of the pattern and cutting the fabric much easier. I used to use caps, now I have few little jars filled with water. You can also buy beautiful ones from OhSewQuaint or go to a hardware shop and find there some heavy screws.


That's my list of sewing tools for beginners. Maybe you think I should include something more? Leave a comment down below.

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