How to finish the edge with the lace trimming?

One detail can completely change the look of the garment. The ruffles, an insert or a trim can upgrade your clothes to the new level. While sewing the robe I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to finish the edge with the lace trim. I choose to show you how I did it on one of the sleeves.

To finish the edge with the lace trimming you will need:
  • A fabric or a piece of clothing
  • A lace trimming. You should have 5-15 cm more than the length of your edge if you're using scalloped lace trim
  • A matching thread
  • A stabilizer. I used the cut-away one, but it's up to you what type of stabilizer you want to use
  • A sewing machine
Start with cutting all pieces. Remember about matching the patern of the trim. Your stabilizer should be wide enough to cover the whole edge of the lace. I sewed it 5 cm away from the edge, so my stabilizer was 8 cm wide.

Baste your stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric. You can decide where you want to place your trim and then baste it to the right side of the fabric. Be sure that the stabilizer will cover the whole edge of the lace.

Sewing time! It's easier to start with the straight stitch and then repeat it with the tight zig zag or satin stitch. Remember to sew exactly on the edge of the lace, so the seam would be invisible.

Now it's time to cut out your stabilizer and excess fabric under the trim. You need to do it carefully and as close to the stitch as possible. I suggest using embroidery scissors. Depending on the type of your stabilizer cut it or rip it out.

And here it is - quick and simple way to completly change the look of your garment. Lace always adds some finesse and charm.

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