My 3 pattern stash tricks

If I would have to pick my favourite part of sewing it would definitely be making and transfering patterns. I usually work on them even when I'm not doing any particular projects. It's my way to relax. Since I started working on my pattern collection I tried to find the best way to store and organise them. After many years I've finally came up with a system that is perfect for me. I decided to show you some methods that I'm using now and used to use in the past. 

I started thinking about how to store my patterns the moment I got my first Burda Magazine issue. My first idea was keeping each pattern in sheet protectors with pattern number, issue number and quick technical drawing. I've changed it few months later when I lost some pattern pieces. They just fell out of sheet protectors. I switched to B4 envelopes. They were okay, just a little to big for my new sewing space. Now my organising system is more expanded.

Starting with sewing magazines, I keep them all in a big box sorted by name and year. Pattern sheets are held in seperate folders, also organised by year. 

On the other shelf I have another box, this one only for patterns. I seperate each type of clothing - tops, skirts or dresses. The ones I've printed or traced have their own envelopes with photo of a pattern on the front and sewing instructions on the back. Some of my traced patterns are not complete, they still need photos or instructions, but I'm slowly finishing them one by one.

I also have few secret and special patterns. I keep them all on few hangers on my wall.

And how do you store your sewing patterns? Maybe you've heard about interesting ways to do it?

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