Back where it all began

It's been 6 years since I've started sewing. At first it was just somthing fun to keep busy during summer. Now I can't imagine my life without it. Through all these years I've learnt a lot, met many incredibly talented people and created things I've never thought I'd make. I posted them on my old blog, but since it was in Polish and it was many years ago, I decided to show all of my makes again. You'll have a chance to see my progress and how all of those clothes can look like after few years. Let's start this rewind with the first thing I've made from scratch - pj's pants.

Everything's started with two important people - my granny and aunt. Granny used to sew some clothes for me when I was little - some of them still fits me. My aunt sews as well, she even graduated from my fashion technical. I remember that one time when we went to her summer house, she took her sewing machine and created few amazing skirts and dresses. I was so impressed by it and as soon as I was back home I asked my granny to teach me how to sew. She showed me few basic stiches and technics. After few days of practising and rummaging through her fabric stash I was ready. It was the time to create my first piece of clothing. This cotton was perfect for pj's. I used different pants as a pattern. Sewing was really easy, just few seams and it was done. I've put an elastic in the waistband, so they would be more comfortable. My granny also made a matching shirt, but it's too small right now (and honestly I have no idea where it is right now). And even though they're a little bit too big right now, I still love them. Not only they're comfy, but they are also a major breakthrough in my life.

I'm super excited to show you more of my old makes. It's awesome to go back in time. Back then I've never thought that in few years I'd make an evening gown, a jacket or a bra. Sometimes I've struggled with sewing and wasn't sure if I should do it. But now I know that it was the best decision in my entire life.

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