There's a storm coming Mr Wayne

I've always admired cosplayers. They put a lot of work to look like a character they've choose. Costumes are often very detailed and it's impressive how one preson or a group of people can trasform what they see on screen or page of a book to a real life. It's the kind of art that I really love, but never thought I'll ever try. Everything has changed with one simple comment.

Few months ago I started working on a dress to practise draping on my dress form. I showed a photo of it to few of my friends and one of them told me that it reminds him of a well-known comic character. I had to stop sewing, but after few months I've realised that Warsaw Comic Con is soon and I could make a cosplay. That dress fitted perfectly. I didn't wanted to start boldly, so I thought about creating a casual version of Catwoman's outfit. That's how I began working on my first cosplay.

I started this project few months ago just to practise my skills. I thought about making a bodycon dress with draped neckline and spaghetti straps. I draped a jersey fabric on a dress form, sewed few pieces on overlock and left the project on my "unfininished projects" pile. When I changed my plan for the dress I also had to change the design. I've replaced spaghetti straps with clear elastic from SewMe. I've also moved the zipper to the back. 

For the cosplay I wore surprisingly comfortable corset and leather jacket. I also bought rose gold cat ears, but now I think whole outfit looks better without them. I already know which character I want to be for another cosplay. Same universe, same city, different style.

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