A little bit more serious

It only took me few months to realise that sewing is what I need in my life. It was time to start collecting my own equipment. That's when my parents gave me my first sewing machine and few fabric pieces. One of them was a really nice, pink viscose fabric, perfect for something summery.

I've sorted through few sewing magazines and picked0 pattern #114b from Burda Magazine 3/2012. Sewing was very easy thanks to noncomplicated pattern and medium weight fabric. Shorts have high slits on both sides and an elastic in the waistband. I kinda wish I've sew some pockets, but they wouldn't work well with the slits. I haven't made many shorts in my life, but sewing them was really fun. It was easier to make another pair, cause I knew what eventually I need to do.

At this point I started gaining basic knowledge. Sewing wasn't just another way to kill some time. It slowly became something more serious.


5 tricks for better fit

One of the reasons I hate shopping is the fact that I can't find fitting clothes. My body is quite average, but still, I always had problems with finding skirts or trousers that would fit both in waist and hips. That's one of the many reasons why I'm still sewing. I can make made-to-measure clothes and not worry that something will be too large or too long. It took me some time to finally learn what exactly I need to do to make my clothes fit better and look more professional. This tricks should help you improve your garments.

Stay in your underwear

Common mistake is taking measurements fully dressed. Some people don't realise that it always adds few millimetres or centimetres to your measurements. You won't wear your makes on different clothes, so you should measure yourself in your underwear. Remember that if your garment requires specific underwear, you should wear it while taking measurements. Same thing with shoes. Your posture is different while wearing heels. You can easily notice it if you tie a ribbon on your waist while wearing flats and heels.

Measure yourself through the day

Something I've noticed few years ago is that my measurements are slightly changing through the day. That's why I'm measuring myself few times a day. Even though those differences are usually small, every millimetre is important while sewing something very fitted. 

Make a muslin

It's the easiest way to check how the garment will look like before cutting a proper fabric. You can make all of the necessary adjustments on it.

Check your measurements with the pattern

I've learnt this lesson while using Burda Magazine. Sometimes patterns were too big, so I had to re-sew everything. I know that I'm not the only one that had this kind of a situation. You should always compare your measurements with the actual pattern pieces.

Replace your measuring tape

I've read few years ago about it. It's not very visible at first, but tape measure usually strech a little after some time. That's why you should replace it regulary.


Fit is very necessary for a professionaly looking garment. This tricks should help you improve your sewing skills. What are your fitting tricks?