Another milestone

Something I really wanted to make right from the beginning was a dress. Few years ago I was a pants girl - never even thought about wearing a skirt or a dress without any occasion. Sewing made me realise that I can do everyday clothes that don't need to be trousers and they will finally fit properly (I told you about my fitting issues here). For me sewing a dress was something big. Most of the patterns I had were complicated and I was scared to use them. But, as always, the time has come and my first everyday dress was made.

I've picked pattern #115 from Burda Magazine 12/2002. I had to change few things. My version is around 20cm shorter, has no zipper, bigger neckline and extra elastic attached to the skirt/bodice seam. This helped me create an illusion of a gathered skirt and at the same time, it made the whole dress more fitted. It was the first time I tried making an all in one armhole and neckline facing. The instructions were very confusing, I've spent many days with my granny, trying to understand how to do it. Few years later someone finally explained it to me, but back then it was impossible to do in a first try. I still have no idea how I did it. I choose chiffon for the whole dress, for the skirt I also added a lining. I used tiny zig zag stitch to create a curly hem.

After consultation with my Instagram followers I decided that I'll mix the old and new makes. It will be a good way to compare them and see a progress, since it would take a lot of time for you to see my latest projects. I still need to think what order will be the best, but be ready to see some more complicated clothes soon.

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