7 tricks for better cutting

Something I used to hate was cutting the fabric. I was scared that I'll ruin it or a pattern, so I usually asked my granny to do it for me. But after a while after finding perfect scissors and learning few tricks, it became my favourite part of sewing. It's not always easy, but each time I notice some new problems and solutions. I want to share some of them with you. These are my 7 tricks that will help you cut your fabric perfectly and easily.

Pre-wash your fabric

Some of you probably had this situation - you bought (or made) a perfectly fitted dress or trousers, but couldn't put them on after washing. It's caused by natural fibers like cotton or linen. Hot water makes them shrink. That's why you should pre-wash your fabric before cutting or iron it with a lot of steam.

Use different tools and methods

If you want to know more about the fabric you're going to use, just search the internet. You can't use pins while sewing leather; delicate and slippery fabrics should be cut unfolded with rotary cutter; you must match big patterns, stripes and checks - the list is long. Every type of fabric must be treated differently.

Have more than one pair of scissors

Good, sharp scissors are a treasure for every sewist. That's why they should only be used to cut fabric. You should have a diferent pair for paper. Also, remember to sharpen them regulary.

Use pattern weights

You can always use pins, but I personally fell in love with the pattern weights and I think they're better. You won't make any holes in your pattern and you can use them with leather. At the beginning you can just use mugs or little jars filled with water.

Cut it, don't rip it

Something I've noticed in fabric shops - people cut the fabric a little and then rip it. It's quicker and you keep the grainline, but at the same time the structure of the fabric is damaged. You can see the difference in the photo.

Keep your fabric flat

Common mistake - the fabric must lay flat on the table, especially while cutting on fold. If you move it during cutting there's a really big chance that your pieces won't be symetrical.

Take your time

You don't need to rush. Take your time, it will make the whole sewing much easier.


That's just few of my cutting tricks. What are your favourite methods?

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