I'll adult later

Few weeks ago we had an amazing sewing event in Warsaw - Warsew Days. It was a great oppurtunity to search for a new sewing machine, attend few courses and, most importantly, meet fellow sewists and sewing bloggers. There were also few contests announced befor and during that event. For the first time, I decided to enter one of them.

The contest was organised by Maszyny Brother (Brother sewing machines in Poland). The rules were simple - you had to pick a print, they gave you a piece of fabric with it and your task was to make something using that particular fabric. The only limit was your imagination. I decided to go with "I'll adult later" print, cause I thought it was kind of ironic - at that time I should study for my finals, but I went to a sewing evet instead. I found a matching fabric and added a black ribbing. I used a pattern #1 from Burda Easy 1/2014, but without the pockets. Sewing wasn't difficult, instructions were clear.

Belive it or not, I actually won! I'm preparing my own prints as a prize. Really excited about them.

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