Bow ties are cool

Some people often asks me to sew something for them. Each time I refuse. It might seem selfish, but my reasons are simple. Selfless sewing is not that fun for me. I'm just too stressed, cause I want it to be perfect. And since I'm not good at dealing with the stress, not many things that I made went to someone else. However, this time I wanted to make something special for my friend.

My friend really likes "Doctor Who", especially The Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith. Most recognisable thing about him is his love for bow ties. My friend likes them as well, so I decided that they'll be a perfect gift for him. I've made three of them, all from different types of cotton. One of them is not in the photos. It was a plaid, navy blue bow tie. The other navy one is reversible. Sewing them was easy and it's a good project for the beginners. Patterns are easy to find, and with few measurements you can make it on your own.

Next time I'll use self drafted pattern and modify the shape, so it wouldn't be so traditional. Maybe I'll even make few for myself. I'm sure my scrap box would approve.

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