Connect the dots

One of the things I've wanted to make the most when I started sewing was a tulle skirt. The ones from the stores were either not puffy enough, in the wrong colour, poorly made or made with bad quality fabric. But there was always something more important to sew. Even though it was one of my first sewing dreams, it took me 6 years to actually make one.

It all happened by accident. I was on a fabric hunt for a school project, saw this beautiful dotted tulle and just couldn't resist. For the lining I choose the wrong (matt) side of a satin and added two layers of tulle underneath to add volume. Each layer is a gathered rectangle. I decided to go with the invisible zip in the lining and opaque snaps in the dotted tulle and waistband. Two other layers are only partly sewed, so they wouldn't require any fastening. I decided to finish only the lining hem, using the hem tape. I think that the dotted tulle looks more delicate without any tapes or bindings.

It's still my only handmade tulle skirt, but I really want to make another one. It's very puffy, but that's why I love it. It's time to make a darker one.

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